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Employee Dismissal Letter for Gross Misconduct

Employee Dismissal Letter for Gross Misconduct
Employee Dismissal Letter for Gross Misconduct

Each and every company has some defined rules of conduct which employees are expected to follow. In case when employee violates these rules and displays misconduct then the company is compelled to send him a dismissal letter. Dismissal letter for gross misconduct is a formal way of communicating the termination to the employee for his termination. Letter of Employee Dismissal for Gross Misconduct is a simple and precise letter which includes the reason for termination. There are various dismissal letter for gross misconduct templates available to use.

In this post, we bring to you the dismissal letter format for letter confirming dismissal for gross misconduct. You can use this termination letter for gross misconduct sample in order to create your own on the basis of this dismissal letter sample.

Example of Employee Dismissal letter for gross misconduct


Sam Jung
HR Manager
Zenith Technologies
New York

Date: October 15th, 2019


Mr. Richard Brown 
54 Preston Towers
New York

Sub: Letter of Termination for Gross Misconduct

Dear Mr. Brown,

This is to formally inform you that the Management at Zenith Technologies has decided to terminate your employment, effective from November 21st, 2019 with the company.

Your behavior has been under constant observation from past five months. Time and again, it has been noticed by HR Department that your conduct is not as per the rules and regulations of the company. Therefore, the Management has decided on the decision of your dismissal.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the premises of the company and this rule was brought into your notice at the time of your joining. There have been many instances wherein you were warned for not smoking in company premises and during office hours. In fact, a written warning was also issued to you for the same but there has been no change in your conduct.

Other than that, your reporting time at work has also been a constant concern. You report late at work and you leave office pretty early a lot of times stating some or the other personal issue. This kind of behavior is not acceptable in our company.

Moreover, there have been many delays in submission of your weekly reports to your team leader. Every time a reminder is required to be sent to you for the report wherein it is a part of your responsibility.

All these reasons have contributed to your unsatisfactory performance at work. After detailed discussion on these issues, the Management opines that your gross conduct has led to your bad performance at work and will also influence the conduct of other employees in the company. Therefore, the Management has decided that your services will no longer be required by the company. You are being dismissed as a Marketing Executive with Zenith Technologies, effective November 21st, 2019. You are not required to serve the notice period of one month and you will have all your dues cleared on your last working day.

In case you wish to appeal then you have the right to send in your appeal letter to the Grievances Redressal Department of the company. Please feel free to get in touch with Human Resource Department for any queries.

Sam Jung
HR Manager
Zenith Technologies

Given Below are a few dismissal letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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