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How to write a Employee Dismissal Letter with Example

At some point in the life of every organization, managers will need to fire employees. Dismissal of an employee can be due to a number of reasons. It can be a recession, poor performance of an employee, misbehavior done by an employee or any other valid reason. The manager of the organization writes a letter to inform the employee that he or she has been dismissed from the position they hold in the organization.

Tips for Writing Effective Employee Dismissal Letter

Following are the few tips that will help a person to write the employee dismissal letter in a better way.

  • Mention the name of the organization at the top of the letter. The letter should be printed along with the company’s letterhead. This will indicate that the decision is taken by the board committee members.
  • The letter should be brief, clear and to the point. Do not include any unnecessary information in the letter. It must include only relevant facts. The content of the letter should clearly state the purpose of this letter.
  • Mention a valid reason for the dismissal of the employee from his or her position. The reason provided must satisfy the employee.
  • Specify the effective date of dismissal. Ask the employee to hand over all the company’s property in his or her possession. Tell the employee that any kind of facilities will not be provided to the employee after the mentioned effective date.
  • Do not use unprofessional or informal language in the letter. The letter must be duly signed by the management.
  • Proofread the letter to make it flawless. Ask the board committee members to check if the reason mentioned in the letter is valid or not.

An employee dismissal letter deals with informing the employee that he/she is dismissed from the recent post. See the sample to get the basic points to write this letter.

Employee Dismissal Letter Sample


Harrison Ford

Administrative Unit

Abbott Industries

34748, Kilops Lane

Niager, MJ 4729


Mr. Donald Pikes

Transport Officer

Transport Unit

Abbott Industries

34748, Kilops Lane

Niager, MJ 4729

Aug 23, 2014

Dear Mr. Donald Pikes,


On behalf of the board and management of Abbott industries, I regret to inform you that you have been dismissed from your position of Transport Officer. Henceforth, you cease to be a worker for Abbott industries and you are expected to hand over all the company’s property in your possession.

However, it will not be out of place if you know some of the reasons behind your dismissal. It includes quarrels, dishonesty and outright blackmail. We hope that you will try not to repeat the mistakes again. Otherwise, strict actions will be taken against you.

Yours faithfully

Harrison Ford

Chief Administrator

Abbott Industries

Given Below are a few dismissal letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Constructive Dismissal Letter
A constructive dismissal letter is written by an employee to the management of the organization.

Dismissal Letter from Medical Practice
A dismissal letter from medical practice is issued by the doctors. This letter is written to dismiss a patient from the medical practice.

Dismissal Letter for Dental Patients
A dismissal letter for dental patients is issued by a dental clinic. It is written with reference to the dismissal of the patient from the dental practice due to certain reasons.

Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter
An academic dismissal letter is written by a student to the board committee of a school or a college regarding his or her expulsion.

Patient Dismissal Letter
Patient dismissal letter serves as formal document of patient’s discharge from the hospital, medical centre or from the treatment of a particular doctor.

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