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Constructive Dismissal Letter

A constructive dismissal letter is written by an employee to the management of the organization. Constructive dismissal in simple terms is when an employee acts in a way that permits or pushes other employee to resign from his or her post. To claim for constructive dismissal, you need to be employed for more than one year in the same company.

Here in the sample, a management department of a company writes this letter to an employee in order to inform him about his poor performance to execute any job. If the situation continues, the employee will lose the job.

Constructive Dismissal Letter Sample


Tim Jackman

Holsim Inc

48, River Lane

Ontario, Canada


Mr. Rupert Brown

Sales Department

Holsim Inc

48, River Lane

Ontario, Canada

Aug 25, 2014

Dear Mr. Brown,


I am writing this letter on behalf of Holsim Inc. to inform you that your employment has been terminated due to your failure to abide by the company’s rules and regulations. We have provided you with lots of opportunities to prove and improve yourself. Still there is no improvement in your performance.

I hope that this letter will be a wakeup call for you and you will improve your way to work. We have thousands of candidates waiting to get this job. This will be your final chance to amend your work. I am looking forward to see you as a mature professional.

Yours sincerely

Tim Jackman

Human Resource Manager

Given Below are a few dismissal letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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A dismissal letter from medical practice is issued by the doctors. This letter is written to dismiss a patient from the medical practice.

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An academic dismissal letter is written by a student to the board committee of a school or a college regarding his or her expulsion.

Employee Dismissal Letter
At some point in the life of every organization, managers will need to fire employees.

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Patient dismissal letter serves as formal document of patient’s discharge from the hospital, medical centre or from the treatment of a particular doctor.

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