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Dismissal Letter Due to Theft | Employee Termination Letter

Dismissal Letter Due to Theft - Employee Termination Letter
Dismissal Letter Due to Theft

Theft is a serious offense and no company would tolerate an employee who has committed such an act. In such a scenario, writing a dismissal letter to employee is not so simple because in case of theft, legal considerations also come in picture. It is important that dismissal letter for theft is prepared in advance to avoid last minute complications. Usually a dismissal letter due to theft is sent once an employee warning letter for theft has already been sent.

In this post, we have shared a dismissal letter sample for your reference. You can use this Sample Employee Termination Letter for theft for design a personalized theft letter format.

Sample Format for Employee Termination Letter for theft


Sam Jung
HR Manager
Zenith Technologies
New York

Date: October 2nd, 2019


Mr. Richard Brown
54 Preston Towers
New York

Sub: Letter of Termination

Dear Mr. Brown,

This is to inform you that your employment with Zenith Technologies is terminated due to misconduct of company theft, effective from today.

As per the CC camera recording of September 26th, 2019, there is a footage of you sneaking into the office of Mr. Dan Joseph, the Marketing Manager, after the office hours and carrying one of the tabs that were ordered for prize distribution to the team. After analyzing and investigating this issue, we have reached on to a conclusion that you entered into Mr. Dan’s cabin without any permissions and took away the tab without any authority.

As per the Company’s policy, any kind of theft is a serious offense and you are also well aware of it. We would never tolerate such a kind of employee in our company. We expect you to submit with the HR Department all the company belongings that are possessed by you. You will be shared a list of company belongings that you are required to return to your manager within two working days. All your dues will be cleared off once you have submitted company’s belongings.

You have the right to appeal and therefore, if you wish to appeal against this decision then you can get in touch with the Human Resource Department’s Grievance unit and they will be able to help you with the process.

Sam Jung
HR Manager
Zenith Technologies

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