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Tips for Writing a Dismissal Letter

Letter of dismissal serves as a formal notification of the employment termination. It is usually written by the human resource department or the other higher authority of the organization. It is as important document as the appointment letter. An employer provides an appointment letter as an official commencement of the business relationship with an employee consequently a termination letter is a legal document for the dismissal of the official relationship between the employer and the employee.

If you are writing such letter you are required to handle the process in highly professional manner. It covers all the points resulted in dismissal including the other information regarding the employment and termination.

Here are some quick and easy tips to write an effectual letter of termination.

  • Compose it on the official letterhead as this is a highly professional correspondence. 
  • Write down the details of the person who has been terminated, including his full name, designation, employee code, name of organization, and employee’s immediate manager. 
  • Follow the standard office dismissal format including the essential information. Provide enough of a justification to proof this decision ethical and valid. 
  • The language of the letter should be objective and professional. Keep all the business ethics in your mind. 
  • Make a precise document. There is no need of long and complex story-telling. Though, you can add a brief personal statement in a serious and humble tone. 
  • Include the law and company policy in it. Tactfully write the certain legal or professional protocols regarding the termination order. 
  • Specifically mention the reasons for dismissal. For instance clearly identify the violation of organization policy or the other reasons that has resulted in the firing.   
  • Determine all the particulars behind the termination. There should be at least two strong reasons. If there is single reason behind this decision, provide enough documentary proofs as supportive. 
  • Never write any personal objectionable comments for the employee as this document is highly formal in nature. Any derogatory, unacceptable or unethical statement can affect you as well your organization. 
  • Clearly mention the norms related with some obvious questions such as how to appeal for the reappointment, clearance of the outstanding amounts, grievance settlement and so on. 
  • Conclude it with a positive note. Thank and appreciate the employee for his till date services in the last paragraph. 
  • Provide your contact information for further follow-ups.

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