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How to Write a Letter of Dismissal

Letter of dismissal serves as a formal notification of the ending of an official relationship between employer and employee. It spells out the termination of the employment formally and legally. It is also commonly referred as a termination letter. It can also be used as dismissal letter for school, court, gross misconduct and so on with some relevant changes in the content.

It covers all the relevant information regarding the termination or dismissal in a proper manner. It includes the main points and circumstances under which the dismissal is taking place. It gives a brief outline of the concerns between employer and employee. It states the effective date of removal from office and provides the instruction required for the completion of this process.

We have presented some easy guidelines to make an effective letter of dismissal.

  • Compose it on the official letterhead as this a crucial business correspondence. 
  • Follow the standard format of business letter writing. 
  • Mention the information of the person who has been terminated, including his name, designation, employee code, name of organization, and employee’s immediate supervisor. 
  • Follow the legal procedure and mention the reasons with some examples of the objectionable actions of the employee for the dismissal. 
  • Mention the previous warnings if there is any as it works as a supportive clarification regarding the dismissal order. Provide a chronologically arranged list of warning letters or disciplinary action taken prior to removal from office. 
  • You can add some lines include the company’s attempts to rectify the issue caused the termination. Clearly mention if there is any complaint regarding the compliance or non-compliance of company policies.   
  • Write a paragraph restating the reason for dismissal. Mention the outstanding amount or funds after the employee’s separation, if there is any. State the date of termination clearly. If there is no block in or notice period mention a notation of “Effective immediately” in your letter. 
  • Request the employee to surrender all the official documents before leaving. Mention if there is any legal process required to be completed as a dismissal formality. 
  • Include all the policies regarding the references for future employers in the last paragraph. 
  • Write a positive note in the end of the letter. Thank and appreciate the employer for his services and wish him luck for his future endeavor.
  • Provide the current date and space for signature of the employee and the human resources manager in the end.

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