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Tips for Writing Effective Patient Dismissal Letter

Here are some easy writing tips to patient dismissal letter to help you in writing such documents of medical or dental practice.

  • State the patient’s date of admission and the diagnosis during the time of admission.
  • Provide a detailed summary about the reason for the hospitalization.
  • Do not write the symptoms of the problem just mention the exact codes. There is no need of providing lengthy descriptions.
  • Mention a brief summary of the present condition of the patient. Provide a description of the previous treatment taken by the patient for the same problem. Here you can also write the patient’s self-reported health history.
  • Make list of the treatments and therapies provided to the patient. There is no need to mention the slight medication changes such asroutine check-ups and procedures.
  • Mention the last diagnosis by the doctor refers to the present condition.
  • Write down the condition of the patient at the time of discharge.
  • Make a clear and understandable list of recommendations and instructions for patient’s persistent care.
  • Provide the dates of further check-ups.
  • State the diet chart and medication including the prescribed amount and instructions concerning the regularity and time of the medication.
  • Mention the bills and the outstanding amount.

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