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Endorsement Letter for Employment

Endorsement letter for employment serves as a formal recommendation of a particular person for a certain job opportunity. It is usually issued by the human resource department of the business organizations. When an employee leaves his current company on good terms to join a new company he may request for a recommendation letter for his future employer.

It covers all the relevant information of the employee with his work record and experience. It also serves as a legal document. It works as supportive document to prove his suitability for his future job. It also spells out the exact reason of his release from the previous company.

Sample Endorsement Letter for Employment


Mr. Fredrik Clan

Manager Human Resource

Whiteland Industries

SY 78 Formula Streets

Dallas 3546


Ms. Kathy Green

Manager Human Resource

Fast Solutions Associates

64 Maple Street

Dallas 5788

Date: 13 Jun, 2014

Subject: Employee Endorsement Letter

Dear Ms. Green,

This is to serve you as a formal employee endorsement for Ms. Lynda Kerr. She was working as manager finance in Whiteland Industries since 2012. She is one of the best employees of our organization. She was very competent and skilled at her job. Indeed, we were going to offer her a promotion in the coming financial year. She has served for almost two years to Whiteland Industries.

Ms. Kerr has decided to pursue master degree course in the university and for that reason she is not able to work in day shifts. We cannot hire her as we have no vacant position in night shifts. Therefore she is leaving Whiteland Industries.

I have enclosed the employment records of Ms. Kerr with this letter. Kindly contact me for further inquiries and verification. You are also welcomed to visit our office at your convenience. I hope this will be helpful for you in making decision regarding the employment of Ms. Kerr.

Thanks and regards,

Fredrik Clan

Manager Human Resource

Whiteland Industries

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