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13 Tips for Writing Endorsement Letter for Employment

Here are some useful tips to writing effective endorsement letter for employment.

  • Compose it on the business letterhead as this a highly formal correspondence. Official letterhead is extremely required to make it authentic and professional.
  • Write it in standard business letter writing format.
  • Mention the full name, designation, organization and address of the recipient.
  • Enter the current date followed by the subject line.
  • Create a short and factual subject line. Include some facts or reference codes to make it more factual.
  • Start it with a formal salutation.
  • Directly come to the point in the opening lines. State your purpose in a simple and precise manner.
  • Mention all the relevant information regarding the employment in the first paragraph.
  • While writing the good points of your former employee, keep your tone firm and balanced.
  • In the middle paragraph provide some details regarding his release. Sate only the relevant points.
  • Add some lines to prove his suitability to the job he has applied for.
  • Request the reader to contact you on your given contact details for further clarification.
  • Thank the reader in the end close it with a formal closure notation.

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