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Dismissal Letter from Medical Practice

A dismissal letter from medical practice is issued by the doctors. This letter is written to dismiss a patient from the medical practice. If a patient disrupts the medical practice, then the doctor has a right to refuse to provide further medical care to the patient, depending upon the circumstances and stability of the patient.

The dismissal letter from the medical practices is written to inform the patient about this decision. You can follow the sample to write your own.

Sample Dismissal Letter from Medical Practice


Dr. Amanda Prichard

Head Practitioner

Prichard’s Medical Practice

1873 NW 5th Street

Williamsburg, Virginia 71284

(734) 892-0378

Aug 25, 2014


Lacy Wily

1785 NE Bryan Road

Williamsburg, Virginia 71284

(734) 239-0153

Dear Lacy,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I can no longer provide you with medical care. Our records show that you have not responded to any of our calls to set up a treatment plan for knee replacement. It also shows that we have left you five messages on five different days of the week. However, you consistently failed to respond to any of the messages. I would like to request you to search for a new doctor as soon as possible as your health is dropping down day by day.

If these calls were made to a wrong phone number, please contact our office staffs as soon as possible so we can correct our mistake. And if you have intentionally neglected our calls, then I am sorry to inform you that no further facilities will be provided to you. Termination will be effective immediately.


Amanda Prichard

Dr. Amanda Prichard

Head Practitioner

Prichard Medical Practice

Given Below are a few dismissal letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Employee Dismissal Letter for Gross Misconduct

Dismissal Letter Due to Theft

Constructive Dismissal Letter
A constructive dismissal letter is written by an employee to the management of the organization.

Dismissal Letter for Dental Patients
A dismissal letter for dental patients is issued by a dental clinic. It is written with reference to the dismissal of the patient from the dental practice due to certain reasons.

Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter
An academic dismissal letter is written by a student to the board committee of a school or a college regarding his or her expulsion.

Employee Dismissal Letter
At some point in the life of every organization, managers will need to fire employees.

Patient Dismissal Letter
Patient dismissal letter serves as formal document of patient’s discharge from the hospital, medical centre or from the treatment of a particular doctor.

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