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Medical Leave Letter

A medical leave letter is a common type of letter that everyone writes at least for once in his/her working life. As its name says, it is the leave letter for the medical issues. As per the company’s rule, the employee, who needs a medical leave, applies for this. Sometimes in the urgent situation, the employee does not find the time to inform the concerned authority before taking a leave, in such cases the employee needs to submit the adequate documents that approve his/her statement regarding the leave.

Here in the sample of the medical leave letter provided below, an employee writes this letter to the concerned authority to inform about his half day leave for going to the medical checkup according to the company’s rule that makes this checkup mandatory for the employee above 50 years.

Medical Leave Letter Template


Jason Washington

Senior Analyst

Global Technology Industry

Sep 17, 2014


Matthew Fontana

Project Manager

Global Technology Industry

Dear Mr. Fontana

RE: Medical leave request

I am writing this letter to inform you that I need a leave from work to go to the medical check up. As per the company’s policy, the employees above 50 years should undergo a medical process and I am due for this. Considering both my work responsibility and the company’s doctor availability, I am requesting for Monday morning off on Sep 22, 2014.

I would be back in the afternoon if everything follows is an easy way. In case of my inability to back work, I will inform you accordingly. I assure you that I will manage to complete the given task and this check up request cannot affect my work responsibility.

Thank you for your kind understanding and prompt approval of my request.

Yours truly,

Jason Washington

Senior Analyst

Given Below are a few Leave Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Paternity Leave Letter
A Paternity leave letter is written with the same reason as maternity leave letter is meant.

Leave of Absence Letter
A leave of absence letter is written to inform the concerned department about the reason of being absent from the work.

School Leave Letter
A school leave letter is written to inform a school authority about a leave taken by any education entity in a school.

Maternity Leave Letter
A maternity leave letter is written to take leave during the pregnancy days for the childcare.

Leave Letter to Teacher
Parents of the students write this leave letter to teacher in order to inform him/her about their kids’ leave from the school for a specific time.

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