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Leave Letter to Teacher

Parents of the students write this leave letter to teacher in order to inform him/her about their kids’ leave from the school for a specific time. This letter serves the reason of taking leave before the concerned teacher. Be it a health issue or any family reason, students may take leave from the school; to inform the school authority formally, the parents write this letter to ask leave of the respective students.

Here in the sample of leave letter to teacher, an individual writes this letter to inform the teacher about his daughter’s absence due to the treatment of her chicken pox.

Sample Leave Letter to Teacher

16 Sep 2014


Class Teacher,

Grade II,

National Public School,

New York.

Dear Madam,

I am Stephen Samuel the father of Sherlin Samuel, who is a student in your class. I am writing this letter asking for leave of my daughter since she is diagnosed chicken pox and once she becomes completely well, she will go back to her study.

As this is a communicable disease, it is better for her to stay home until she gets well. I am requesting you to grant her leave for these days as she is undergoing a treatment for the recovery.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,

Stephen Samuels.

[F/O Sherlin Samuel]

Given Below are a few Leave Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Paternity Leave Letter
A Paternity leave letter is written with the same reason as maternity leave letter is meant.

Leave of Absence Letter
A leave of absence letter is written to inform the concerned department about the reason of being absent from the work.

School Leave Letter
A school leave letter is written to inform a school authority about a leave taken by any education entity in a school.

Medical Leave Letter
A medical leave letter is a common type of letter that everyone writes at least for once in his/her working life.

Maternity Leave Letter
A maternity leave letter is written to take leave during the pregnancy days for the childcare.

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