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Maternity Leave Letter

A maternity leave letter is written to take leave during the pregnancy days for the childcare. A woman writes this letter to the employer giving all details regarding her leave. It is important for a woman to be at rest during her pregnancy so that this letter informs the concerned authority for her leave application for baby delivery. The letter must contain the period of leave so that one can balance the work responsibility.

Here in the example stated below, a woman writes this letter to the employer for taking leave during her pregnancy as the doctor prescribed her to be at rest.

Sample Maternity Leave Letter



Jane Ballors

165 Berrimor str

669 New York, US


Glen Lewis

668 Verdens str

225 New York, US

Subject: Maternity leave required

Dear Mr Lewis,

I am writing this letter to apply for my maternity leave as my baby delivery is in nearest dates. As per the doctor’s saying, it will be approximately 25 Sep, 2014. Though I was feeling well at work during the pregnancy, but my doctor advised me to take rest in these days. The purpose of the letter is to seek permission for the 2 months leave which will be effective from 24 of Sep. As I have my annual leave allowance so cover the maternity leave under the allowance. I know my responsibility for the work and I will back to my job as soon as possible.

If I need to extend the leave, I will inform you. I am requesting you to approve my leave and inform me as early as possible.

Hope you understand the need for the leave.

Thanking you in advance.


Jane Ballors

Given Below are a few Leave Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Paternity Leave Letter
A Paternity leave letter is written with the same reason as maternity leave letter is meant.

Leave of Absence Letter
A leave of absence letter is written to inform the concerned department about the reason of being absent from the work.

School Leave Letter
A school leave letter is written to inform a school authority about a leave taken by any education entity in a school.

Medical Leave Letter
A medical leave letter is a common type of letter that everyone writes at least for once in his/her working life.

Leave Letter to Teacher
Parents of the students write this leave letter to teacher in order to inform him/her about their kids’ leave from the school for a specific time.

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