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Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter

An academic dismissal letter is written by a student to the board committee of a school or a college regarding his or her expulsion. After being dismissed either from college or school, the board committee provides a chance to the student to appeal for his or her dismissal. An appeal can be made personally as well as through the letter. Through this letter, the candidate explains his or her problems that led to poor academic performance or any kind of misbehavior.

Here in the sample, a parent of an excluded student writes this letter to a school authority to request them to give him a last chance instead of this exclusion.

Sample Academic Dismissal Letter

Aug 23, 2014


Mr. and Mrs. Jones

23 Abbey View

St Bees

CA23 3ED


Head principal

St bees School

CA27 6TF

Subject: Appeal against dismissal of my son

Dear Mr. Boardman,

We are writing this letter after hearing your decision to expel our son, Andrew from your school as he was found misbehaving inside the campus. We would like to request you to kindly reconsider your harsh decision.

Andrew has a good academic record till date and as per my knowledge, this is the first major incident to occur in which my son was found as a culprit. Therefore, we want to appeal to you to reconsider your decision. We acknowledge the fact that you want to keep the good name of your institution and this type of behavior displayed by Andrew is unacceptable.

We assure you that if he is allowed to return, his behavior will be impeccable. I would like to request you to consider it as a final warning rather than final exclusion.

Awaiting your response,

Mr. and Mrs. Jones

Given Below are a few dismissal letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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A dismissal letter from medical practice is issued by the doctors. This letter is written to dismiss a patient from the medical practice.

Dismissal Letter for Dental Patients
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