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Tips to Write a Employee Termination Letter

We have provided some effective tips to make your writing employee termination letter.

  • Compose it on the official letterhead as it is a very sensitive and formal correspondence between employer and employee.
  • Semi or full block style business letter writing format is appropriate for this purpose.
  • Make a short and factual notice of termination including all the pertinent details regarding the decision of dismissal from the job.
  • Write it in professional language. Do not write complex phrases or legal jargons as simple is more effective in such cases.
  • Write your name, designation, organization, its address and contact detail on the top.
  • Skip two lines after your information and add the same details of the terminated employee.
  • Write down the current date. Mention the date clearly free from abbreviation as exact dates are very important to be mentioned in such issues.
  • Create a short and snappy subject line. A strong subject line with explicit facts delivers the gist of the letter quickly.
  • Start it with an appropriate salutation.
  • Open it directly with the exact purpose of writing. Spell out exactly what you want to convey through this letter. There is no need to write the reasons and the background of the termination in the first paragraph. Provide the exact date on which that will be effective.
  • Expand your points in the middle paragraph. Provide detailed information about the termination. Mention all the reasons of disappointment or the actions that led it to the dismissal.
  • Express that company is grateful for his contribution in its productivity but his recent action or poor performance or whatever the reason is not tolerable for the norms of the organization.
  • Communicate the sorry gesture on behalf of the company for this proceeding and wish him luck for future.
  • End it with a formal valediction and send it to the recipient.

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