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Tips for Writing a Termination Letter

Termination letter is written to notify someone formally that he or his contract has been terminated due to some rational reason. It could be written by the human resource department of a company in order to terminate the employment of an employee. You may use this letter to end a business contract, lease, service and so on. A perfectly worded letter will help you communicate this unpleasant event in simple and less painful manner in businesses.

It covers all the pertinent facts in polite and heart-warming manner. It clearly spells out the exact issue and its reason with the effective dates.

Here we have provided some effective tips on how to write a termination letter to make your writing smooth.

  • Compose it on the business letterhead to make this correspondence authentic and professional. This is highly formal and sensitive communication, therefore choose appropriate stationery.
  • Make precise and meaningful message. There is no need to draft a long and complex letter full of legal jargons.
  • Keep the tone of the letter sincere and friendly. Though you are covering some unpleasant facts, maintain the professionalism and politeness throughout the letter.
  • Avoid bitter criticism and derogatory statements in any case as it also serves as a legal document.
  • Write it in the block style standard format of business letter writing.
  • Enter the name, title, organization, address and contact detail of the recipient.
  • Mention the current date clearly in it as this is a formal communication. Do not write it in abbreviated form as it may create confusion.
  • Make a succinct subject line. Include some key facts to make it significant and meaningful.
  • Start it with a formal salutation.
  • Mention the purpose of your writing in the opening lines. State that you are writing this as a notice of termination clearly in the first paragraph.
  • Mention the exact date of termination in the initial lines.
  • There is no need to provide the reasons and the background information of the decision in the opening paragraph. Just spell out the exact matter.
  • Provide the reasons and the background information in the middle paragraph. Expand the points that you have mentioned in the first paragraph. Mention the specific reason of termination in humble manner whether it is poor performance, behavior, repetitive tardiness or anything.
  • Middle paragraph is the place where you can discuss all the aspects in details including the important dates, timelines and final settlement.
  • Discuss the financial matters clearly in the main paragraph. If there is any outstanding payment, insurance cover, allowance or other funds, make it clear.
  • Thank him for his previous support and contribution.
  • Express you are sorry and helpless as the reason of the dismissal is serious and inevitable.
  • Wish him luck for his future endeavors in the last lines. It will give a friendly touch to the entire communication.
  • Close it with a formal valediction and put your signature.

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