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Thank You Letter for Gift

Thank you letter is the best way to thank someone for his lovely gift. Whenever you get a gift it brings smile on your lips and a feeling in your heart that someone really cares for you. Though we immediately say thanks verbally after receiving a present, a letter written with some beautiful lines and sincere thanks can better convey your thoughts.

Handwritten words dipped in emotions communicate well about your feelings. It gives you an opportunity to express all your feelings regarding the gift and the person who has presented it. It not only conveys your thank but also demonstrate that you really admire the friendly gestures of the recipient.

Sample Thank you Letter for Gift


Ms. Bella Kerr

56 Thomas Avenues

Yellow Orchards

New Streets

California 6790


Ms. Lynda Filler

5/9 Queen’s Apartment

56 Hollow Street

London 5768

Date: 8 July, 2014

Dear Lynda,

I am writing this to thank you for my lovely birthday gift. I got it exactly on the date of my birthday. The courier boy has delivered your gift just after you have called me to wish on birthday. Your best wishes were perfectly accompanied by your unique present.

Thank you so much for remembering my birthday and sending me the marvelous overcoat. It is of perfect fabric, size and color. Actually it is the best I ever had. I will wear it on Christmas night. You are my darling friend who never forgets my birthday irrespective of the distance and the fast paced life.

You are a gift of God for me. You always share a special corner in my heart. True and caring friend like you is rare in this world. I can rely on you in my tough times as you have always held me in difficult moments. You are special and your choice of selecting gift is as special as you. I would like to invite you with your husband to celebrate this Christmas with us as we have not met since your wedding. Hope to see you soon.

With lots of love,


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