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Sample Thank You Letter for Graduation

Graduation is a big day. It is the time when you mark completion of your education and make plans to enter the professional world. This is also the time when you receive lots of gifts and congratulation messages from friends and family. And the numbers are high when you have had a graduation party.

If you too have received all sorts of presents and messages on your graduation then you must write thank you letters to all the people who have brought you these gifts and send you their wishes. It is a way of appreciating their thoughtfulness. When you are framing such letters, you must make them personalized. To do that, you can talk about how you are going to use this gift. You must also write thank you notes to your teachers and coaches as well who have always been there helping you deal with your studies so that you can have a bright career.

Here is a format template to help you write a personalized and pleasant thank you letter for graduation. Use it to create your own letter.

Sample Thank You Letter for Graduation

Dear Ana and John,

It was such a wonderful surprise to have you both at my graduation ceremony. It is so sweet of you that you both traveled all the way to my University to see me wear the graduation robe and hat and celebrate my success.

I am so happy that you came for such an important event of my life which would have been otherwise incomplete. I could not have asked for anything more. All that cheering for me made me feel like the achiever.

Thank you so much for the beautiful graduation present that you brought me. In fact, I myself was planning to buy a tablet as soon I am going to start working and this is one gadget that I must have. It was again a wonderful surprise for me.

Thanks again.



Given Below are a few Thank you Letter samples for a clearer Idea :-

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