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Thank You Letter for Farewell Party

Farewell party is a special time when you are leaving your office or your college. It is always good to write thank you letters to all those people who have made efforts to arrange such a celebration for you on your last day. Farwell parties are the time to celebrate the times you have spent with your teachers and juniors and also to hope for a new beginning in life. You can also mention some of the sweetest memories that you share with them and make it a thoughtful and heartfelt letter.

Use the format example given below to frame a beautiful thank you letter for the amazing farewell party that was arranged for you, to make you feel special, to say good-bye and to wish you all the luck.

Sample Thank You Letter for Farewell Party

ABC Management College,

123, Silver Gardens,

New York.

Date: May 22, 2015

Dear Sir,

I would like to Thank you for the exclusive farewell party that was organized by the college and the exceptional staff for the Class of 2015. I, Julia Smith, the class representative of our batch would like to express heartfelt gratitude towards our college on behalf of the management batch. All of us just loved the arrangements and it was surely one of the best parties we have ever attended. These are going to be the best memories that we are going to take along with us. Partying with the teachers, dancing with the juniors and playing games with everyone was truly amazing.

We would also like to appreciate all the hard work that was put up by the non-teaching staff in decorating the party hall and taking care of all the arrangements. We thoroughly enjoyed the food along with the desserts. We are also thankful to all the professors who took out their special time to be with us. This is surely one of the most memorable times. We are going to cherish every moment of that party.

Once again a heartfelt thank you on behalf of the Class of Management.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Smith

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