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Personal Thank You Letter Sample

We often say that gone are those letters when we would write letters to our near and dear ones. But when you look at it, it is a thoughtful thing to do. If someone has been kind to you, if someone has helped in some way or the other then you must write a personal thank you letter to that person. It is always considered as a sweet gesture as you are acknowledging and appreciating the person for his actions.

We often feel short of words when we have to write such a letter. We don’t know from where to begin, what words to use. To help you write a beautiful personal thank you letter, here is a sample to assist you. You can use this template for creating a customized letter which shares you feelings in a thoughtful way.

Example of Personal Thank You Letter

Dear Sam,

I feel like the luckiest person on earth when I think about our friendship. Over all these years, it has grown into a much stronger association. It is impossible to express in words what this relationship means to me.

I am very thankful to you for being there with my father on Tuesday when I had to go out for an interview. I really appreciate that you could come at such a short notice and stay there with him, taking care of him. No one else could have done that for me.

It is really a blessing to have a friend like you. You have always been right beside me whenever I have needed you.

I just want to thank you for everything that you have done for me. I cherish our friendship and it means the world to me. In case, at any point in life, you need me, please feel free to call me and I will be there to help you face the toughest times.

With warm affection,


Given Below are a few Thank you Letter samples for a clearer Idea :-

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An employer has an important role in our professional life.

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Graduation is a big day. It is the time when you mark completion of your education.

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Whenever you get a new job, it is such a time to celebrate.

Thank You Letter for Gift
Thank you letter is the best way to thank someone for his lovely gift.

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