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Tips for Writing an Resident Welcome Letter

A resident welcome letter deals with many aspects that need to be expressed. Here are a few tips to write a resident welcome letter.

  • A reader should be addressed properly. Address the person by the name in the salutation and be certain that you have correctly spelled it.
  • Be genuine and to the point. Do not include irrelevant information. Appreciate the receiver. In case you are familiar with the person, use appreciative sentence to acknowledge his contributions. You should be natural and honest, while appreciating the person. Make sure you are not appreciating incessantly.
  • Choose your words carefully. Avoid the use of flattery words as it creates a bad impression on the reader.
  • Make such a note that feels the new resident comfortable about the place.
  • Offer help. Be specific so your offer will sound more sincere, and the recipient may be more likely to take you up on it. Give your mobile number or email address for the future help.
  • Close the letter with one sentence that says welcome in some way.

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