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Tips for Writing an Direct Claim Letter

Here we have provided some tips to make this sensitive form of writing direct claim letter to develop more understanding.

  • Compose it in standard business letter format. Casual formatting fades the authenticity of the letter.
  • Write it in formal language. Do not use informal words, complex phrases or legal jargon’s. Make a simple and easy to understand note for better result.
  • Introduce yourself in a friendly manner as a loyal customer or associate. Never show that you are unknown or you are writing this as a last conversation.
  • State your purpose in a firm and straightforward manner in the first paragraph. Keep your tone positive and polite. Though, you are writing a claim letter but never show anger or threaten signs.
  • Present your claim or complaint in humble tone with all the facts and figures regarding the claim. An absurd claim can never attract the attention of the reader.
  • In the last paragraph warn the reader in a balanced tone. Do not bully or turn bitter, just mention what will be your next step if your claim would not be positively answered.
  • Study the entire piece of writing carefully as hasty proofreading can harm your credibility.

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