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Tips to write a Claim Appeal Letter

We have provided some useful tips and a sample Claim Appeal
Letter to help you in drafting your letter effectively.

  • Standard business letter writing format is the ideal for it.
  • Do not elaborate the story; simply write the specific information that are required for the settlement of the claim.
  • There is no need to write beautiful words in a claim letter to an insurance company. All you need to write a concise letter with relevant information.
  • Write a short and factual subject line including the reference number or any other special code related with your claim. It will help the reader to identify your case easily.
  • State the purpose of your writing with your introduction in the opening lines.
  • Give a briefly list of the facts and explain why the factual background of the matter in the middle paragraph.
  • Add some lines about the inconveniences you have faced due to the incompetency of the company in the last paragraph.
  • If you want to settle your claim on urgent basis or within specific times frame. Mention this fact in the last paragraph.
  • Thank the reader for the consideration and support in advance. This gives a personal touch to the appeal.
  • Make two copies of this letter one for the addressee and the other for your personal record.

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