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Claim Letter to a Bank

A professional claim letter to a bank can settle your problems related with the bank. If you want to make complain or want to settle some issue that is unfair according to you, you can use this tool. A formal letter of claim can provide you with a quick and appropriate solution. It covers the relevant detail in simple language.

If you have a problem with your account or something related with bank you cannot communicated your issue effectively in verbal conversation. A formally written organized letter of claim can covey the detail of the issue properly. We have given some crisp tips and a sample of Claim Letter to a Bank.

Sample Claim Letter to a Bank


Mr. Roger Patrick

45/6 New Ginny Avenues

Doodle Streets

South Land 568055


Ms. Sharon Ray

Branch Manger

New York Bank

34 Annie Road
South Land 568055

Dated: 14th of February 2014

Subject: Claim for Deduction from My Savings Account no. (XX0000)

Respected Mr. Ray,

This to notify you that I would like to claim for the uninformed and invalid deduction from my saving account number (XX0000) that I hold in New York Bank.

I was checking the detail of my bank account yesterday on the online portal of bank and found that $000 has been deducted for the purchase of Guild Funds. I would like to inform you that I had never applied to purchase Guild Funds from your bank.

This is a sensitive matter as I have never made the request of purchase and bank has not send me notice of this purchase or deduction. Please credit the amount that was deducted for the above purpose and cancel the funds purchased on my behalf as I am not interested in them. Your earliest action in this sensitive issue is anticipated.

Thanks and regards,

Roger Patrick

Given Below are a few Claim letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Claim Letter for Social Security Insurance after Mothers Death

Death Claim Letter Format
Death claim letter is usually addressed to the insurance company, human resource department of some other organization to claim the money or the other belongings of the person who has passed away.

Direct Claim Letter Sample
Unsatisfactory service, product or commitment results in a direct claim. A blunt or straight claim shows that the service provider/ vendor/money borrower is actually responsible or guilty.

Claim Letter to a Business
Claim letter to a business issue is the most common form of letter practiced in the business organization. It is typically written to the business partner/ associates/ clients/ customers etc.

Claim Appeal Letter Format
Claim appeal letter is a typical letter written to claim for insurance. It is addressed to the authorized officer of the insurance company. A formal demand or claim letter is an important tool of the claim negotiation process.

Claim Adjustment Letter Example
If you have not received the desired product or service, making claim is your legal right. A formal written claim can increase your chance of settlement.

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