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Claim Adjustment Letter

If you have not received the desired product or service, making claim is your legal right. A formal written claim can increase your chance of settlement. Claim adjustment letter is usually written in business relationship for some business settlement. It brings complaint to the notice of the responsible or authorized person. It particularly deals with the business claim and adjustments. This is the best tool to deal with mistakes done while business dealing through adjustments.

You can use it when you feel that an adjustment is possible and somehow the best way to satisfy your claim. This is also a formal letter so it concisely covers all the information and suggests the process of adjustment. It is a claim letter but comparatively less better in expression as it suggest the solution in form of modification in business dealing.

Sample Claim Adjustment Letter


Mr. Denny Brown

Manager Sales

Daily Grocery Store

56 Norman Towers

Bloomington 46798


Mr. Henry Crag

Head Delivery Department

Trust FMCG Industry

5/9 Downing Lane

Texas 760957

Date: 6 Jun, 2014

Subject: Claim Adjustment Letter for January Consignment

Dear Mr. Crag,

This is regarding the claim of January consignment of FMCG products. We have made the order of the January consignment on 20 December 2013 and the date of delivery was 12 January, 2014.

But we have received the order after a long delay of one month.

January consignment of FMCG products that we have received on February 12, 2014 is not complete. We have placed order of 1500 boxes but you have delivered only 1000. Hence, we would like Trust FMCG Industry to adjust remaining 500 boxes in the March consignment that we have already placed on 07 February, 2014.

I would like to notify you that the payment of January consignment is made in advance with the order. Your positive response as acceptance of the claim adjustment is anticipated.

Thanks and regards,

Denny Brown

Manager Sales

Daily Grocery Store

Given Below are a few Claim letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Claim Letter for Social Security Insurance after Mothers Death

Death Claim Letter Format
Death claim letter is usually addressed to the insurance company, human resource department of some other organization to claim the money or the other belongings of the person who has passed away.

Direct Claim Letter Sample
Unsatisfactory service, product or commitment results in a direct claim. A blunt or straight claim shows that the service provider/ vendor/money borrower is actually responsible or guilty.

Claim Letter to a Business
Claim letter to a business issue is the most common form of letter practiced in the business organization. It is typically written to the business partner/ associates/ clients/ customers etc.

Claim Letter to a Bank
A professional claim letter to a bank can settle your problems related with the bank. If you want to make complain or want to settle some issue that is unfair according to you, you can use this tool.

Claim Appeal Letter Format
Claim appeal letter is a typical letter written to claim for insurance. It is addressed to the authorized officer of the insurance company. A formal demand or claim letter is an important tool of the claim negotiation process.

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