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Tips to write Claim Letter to a Business

  • Compose it on the business letterhead to give a professional touch to the communication.
  • Follow the standard business letter writing format.
  • The language of the letter should be formal and easy to understand. Do not use flowery or complex sentences.
  • Avoid using legal jargons. If the legal terms are mandatory to mention, explain those terms in detail.
  • Create a precise subject line to deliver the main essence of the letter in first look.
  • State the purpose of your writing in straightforward manner. Keep the tone of your letter firm and serious.
  • Try to provide all the relevant facts and statistical figures clearly to give an authentic touch.
  • Mention the time frame, if it is necessary but it could be reasonable.
  • Provide some rules or legal grounds in terms of your claim. This increases the credibility and the reader immediately takes the action.
  • Provide a hind about the after results in case of non settlement of the claim. But do not give warning or threatening.
  • Close it with a positive expression. Do not forget to thank the reader.
  • Make two copies, send one to the addressee and keep a copy for your record.

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