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8 Tips to write Death Claim Letter

Here we have provided some tips to write a Death Claim Letter.

  • This is a formal letter so follow the standard format of business letter writing. Write your name, address and other contact details at the top followed by the name, title, company, address of the receiver.
  • Put the current date and the subject line. Subject line should be short and factual. You can provide the policy number or any other reference number. This will help the reader to identify the matter easy.
  • State the purpose of the letter in the opening line. Inform the reader about the sad demise of the policy holder. Mention the reason of the death with the date and time in simple language.
  • If you are the nominee of the policy, mention your relationship with the deceased policy holder.
  • If you are writing this claim letter on behalf of someone, mention the relationship you share with the policy holder and the nominee.
  • Attach all the documentary proofs to support your claim. It could be the certified death certificate, medical report, relationship proof with the policy holder and so on.
  • Close your letter with a thank you note. Express your belief and gratefulness in the insurance company.
  • Make two copies of the letter one to send the reader and other for your records.

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