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Tips for Writing a Complaint Letter to Airline

Now we will see some of the tips about how to write a complaint letter to an airline for inconvenience caused to the customer due to the staff or the management of an airline.

  1. At the starting, you should write your name and your full address at the left side of the letter on the top. Then you should mention the concerning person name or customer service department with the airline name and address.
  2. Now in the subject line, write the subject of the letter in a very short and simple form.
  3. In the body of the letter, you should mention all the details related to the dissatisfaction which you have received from the airline should be mentioned.
  4. Compile your flight information. Include the flight number, date, time and beginning and ending destinations in your letter, so the airline has all the data it needs to investigate your complaint and place this information in your letter.
  5. Describe in detail the problem you had on the flight. Whether your experience included a rude flight attendant, nonworking toilets on the plane or significant delays for no apparent reason relay that to the airline in clear, concise terms in your letter. Include the names and positions of any airline employees who played a part in your situation.
  6. Include your contact information, such as your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Indicate the best hours and methods for the airline representative to use to reach you.
  7. At the end, write the lines that you are waiting for the quick action to be taken and also contact you if there is anything required.

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