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8 Tips for Writing an Complaint Response Letter

Now let’s have a look at some tips about how to respond a complaint letter in a correct and humble manner followed by a sample format:

  1. First of all you should write your official address on the left side of the sheet with your complete official details like your name, company name with your designation.
  2. Then, mention the customer’s name and address in the left side of the sheet.
  3. Then you should write the subject of the letter in short and simple words which must be directly connected to the body of the letter.
  4. Now it is the turn when on behalf of the company you should apologize for the inconvenience faced by the customer if his complaint is genuine and if not then you should suggest about the cross verification of the problem.
  5. As an alternative one can suggest other best possible way to continue your services to your customer by the time problem solves. For example: If the customer is complaining about the mobile handset then you may provide another handset as a backup of it.
  6. The language of the letter should be very much humble and its should reflect that your customer is very prestigious for the company.
  7. By reading the letter, the customer must get to know that the officer who is writing the letter is directly related to the concerning department and he have lodged the complaint at right place.
  8. At the end you can mention that, we have done with investigation process and it has been started. As we come to know the problematic area we will let you know the solution from our side.

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