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7 Tips for Writing Effective Employee Complaint Letter

Here we have provided some tips to write a employee complaint letter.

  1. The main important thing of this letter is that, this is going to the owner of the company so that should be very much affluent.
  2. You should mention your name and address with your designation in that particular organization on the left side of the letter.
  3. After that you need to mention the employer’s name and address as well, on same side of the sheet.
  4. Now write the proper subject which must be connected directly to the concerned problem.
  5. After that the body of the letter comes which should be very much precise. Then, describe the issue you’re complaining about, including the details such as dates, location, employees present during any discussions and events leading up to the issue that’s the subject of your complaint. Be careful about the language you use in your written complaint. It’s normally a good idea to draft the letter and set it aside for a day before reviewing it again to ensure your writing isn’t emotionally charged.
  6. Support your facts with the help of verifiable facts. If you have any papers or file that supports your complaint, attach copies to your letter and retain the originals.
  7. End the letter in a respectful manner stating for any assistance if they look for.

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