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Tips for Writing an Restaurant Complaint Letter

Some of the tips to write a restaurant complaint letter are as follows:

  1. First of all write your name and address on the top left of the sheet in a proper format. Then, write the concerning person’s name and address.
  2. In the subject line, write the subject of the letter in short and simple manner with the reference of the bill number of restaurant, if you have it handy, so that the service manager or the customer relationship manager could correlate the problem of bad service.
  3. One should write this letter with full honesty and whatever the lines you are sharing that should based on the facts in the restaurant complaint letter .There might be chance that just because of your unusual complaint ,one can lose his/her job.
  4. The restaurant complaint letter should be very much precise and must be in a humble way with the description of all the incidents which has happened at the restaurant during your lunch or dinner.
  5. Moreover, one should clearly suggest the service manager that at which vertical he/she has faced the problem meaning in the F&B service or with the waiter or with the food quality so that the person who is looking into your complaint part could deal directly with the problematic area.
  6. At the end , one should mention that he/she is waiting for the earnest response from them with the solution of the poor service by the restaurant with mentioning your name and contact number at the end.

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