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Sample Accident Claim Letter from Insurance Company

If you have to an accident claim from insurance company then for that you need to write an Accident Claim Letter from Insurance Company. It is an important letter if you wish to submit your claim and therefore, it must include all the important information about the accident.

In order to make the process of writing an insurance claim letter simple for you, we bring to you a sample letter for Car accident claim. You can use this letter to insurance company for damage claim in order to put forward your request.

Sample Letter to Claim Insurance


Andrew Smith

54, Richard Apartments

New York

Date: March 17th, 2023


The Manager

Life Insurance Company

New York

Sub: Regarding accident claim

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I had a car accident on February 2rd, 2023 in which I got injured. I had parked my park in the City Centre parking area when another car hit my car from behind. That car was in quite a speed and therefore, my car suffered a serious jerk and I was thrown out of the car breaking the front glass as my car was parked and I was not wearing any seat belt.

I was taken to the hospital and I had a severe injury on my knee as well as my head. Doctors had to give my wound stitches as the wound was in a very serious state and I was asked to take a rest for 10 days. I was admitted in the hospital for two days as doctors had put me under observation because of the head injury I had suffered and then I had to complete my bed rest at home because of which I had to miss my office and work.

Because of this day and plastic surgery that I underwent, it turned out to be a heavy medical expense on me. For your reference, I am attaching the medical billing records of my stay and treatment with the letter.

I am writing this letter to submit my accident claim from your reputed company. I will be really very grateful if you would consider my case and will approve my claim at the earliest so that I can take care of my medical expenses without any hindrance.

Looking forward for your response.


Andrew Smith

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