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Apology Letter for Cancellation of Business Meeting

Apologize Letter to Cancel the Business Meeting
Apology Letter For Cancellation Of Meeting

If you have to cancel a business meeting then you can always inform the other person or party by writing a formal Business Meeting Cancellation Letter. The Apology Letter Format for this kind of a letter is quite simple but must include the reason for cancellation and proposing of rescheduling the meeting.

To help you with Apologize Letter to Cancel the Meeting, we bring to you an Apology Letter For Meetting Cancellation Template so that you can write a personalized letter.

Cancelling Business Meeting Apology Letter Format


Andrew Smith

Production Manager

Zenith Technologies

New York

Date: March 21, 2023


Mr. Henry Black


Relax Hotels

New York

Sub: Regarding cancellation of business meeting.

Dear Mr. Henry,

I am writing this letter for apologizing for not being there for the meeting that was scheduled for yesterday. This has never happened in the past that I was not able to make for a meeting but this time it happened because of something urgent and important that came up.

My wife got a sudden abdomen pain yesterday and needed immediate attention. She was required to be hospitalized because of the same reason and was put under medical observation by the doctors. As there was no one else to take care of her, I had to be present with her in the hospital. While in the hospital, I tried reaching you over the phone quite a few times in order to inform you about the situation but could not get through.

I am aware that this meeting was scheduled for an important reason and please accept my sincere apologies for not being there for it. I will make sure that the new meeting is arranged at the earliest so that we can discuss about the upcoming product design in detail. Kindly confirm if March 15th, 2023 will suit you for rescheduling the same meeting so that my team can get in touch you to fix the timings of the same.

I am hopeful that you will understand my situation and consider my apologies.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Andrew Smith

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