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Resignation Thank You Letter

Resignation thank you letter is written by an employee in response of accepting is resignation application. This is a formal way to give a note of thanks to the employer as processing the concerned employee’s request regarding the resignation in a rapid way. Generally, the letter is written when an employer accepts the resignation of an employee. One should write this letter in a formal way as it is addressed to the concerned authority of a company.

The particular example shows that an employee writes this letter to the general manager of a company in order to thank him for acknowledging his resignation.

Resignation Thank You Letter Sample


Mr David Smith
23 Abbey View
CA23 4RF


Mr J Hickson
General Manager
Whitehaven plastics
CA23 4RF

Subject: Thank you letter to employee on resignation

Dear Mr Hickson,

I would like to thank you for acknowledging my resignation, which I have sent you on 25th Oct. as I have already informed you, this resignation is urgent for me as I need to back to my family due to some urgency. Your rapid response helps me to figure out those family matters as soon as possible and once again, thank you for that.

With a mixed feeling I am writing this letter and I am going to miss this place a lot. I would like to thank my colleagues and superior for their support. I am back to the Leicester area as my family is there.

Your rapid response regarding my resignation as well as my release is appreciated. Wish you all the best for your future dealing.

Yours faithfully,

David Smith

Given Below are a few Resignation Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Board Resignation Letter
A board resignation letter plays a vital role for a company as it is associated with the resignation.

Professional Resignation Letter
A professional resignation letter is needed when an employee decides to leave his/her job permanently.

Church Resignation Letter
A church resignation letter as its name says is written for resigning a certain work from a church.

Resignation Letter 2 Week Notice
A resignation letter 2 week notice period is a very much official letter.

Resignation Acknowledgment Letter
A resignation acknowledgement letter deals with the subject like accepting one’s resignation.

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