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Church Resignation Letter

A church resignation letter as its name says is written for resigning a certain work from a church. The language of the letter is different from that of the others as it deals with the matter of the church and it should maintain its sense. A church resignation letter should give the reason behind the resignation as to inform the church authority about the problem you are facing while working there. If the reason needs to keep close, you can mention it in a polite way.

The example states that, a choir conductor writes this letter to inform the concerned church authority about this decision along with the reason with maintaining a courteous tone.

Church Resignation Letter Example


Peter Skype
Choir Conductor
8832 Crumble Street
Fairmont, NE 6555

January 12, 2015


Church of Glory
88384 Central Lane
Malton, ON L5J 5B7

Dear Sir

RE: Resignation letter

This is my formal notification that I am resigning from the post as Choir Conductor for Church of Glory. I would like to take my resignation from January 30, 2015.

As this job needs me daily to serve my work, I no longer continue this service due to my poor health condition. In the winter season, it becomes impossible to conduct my given task as for the unfavorable weather. I decided to resign after thinking a lot in this regard.

I apologize to inform you in the short notice, but as per as my health is concerned, it is better to resign from this work.

After serving 12 years in this post, I feel very fortunate and I would like to thank you for giving me such an opportunity.

God bless you for your kind understanding on my situation.

Yours Sincerely


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