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Tips on Writing a Reference Letter for Landlord

Writing a landlord reference letter is nothing but presenting your thoughts about a tenant. To write you own letter, you can follow the tips stated below.

  • Write your letter in a formal way as you are communicating formally to your reader.
  • The tone of the letter should be genuine as to help your reader to understand about a future tenant.
  • Mention the past address of the tenant in your letter and along with it, the rent that your tenant paid to you.
  • Give the details about the tenant as you are the past landlord, you should make it expressive, so that your reader has the complete information. The details include behavioral qualities of the tenant.
  • Mention your personal opinion regarding your tenant how he/she was with you and other members of the society.
  • If there is any specific issue that you need to tell your reader, you can mention in it, but make sure the description should be given in favor of the tenant.
  • Conclude your letter professionally by giving an assurance about the tenant. You can give your personal details for the further query.

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