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How to Write a Sponsorship Letter

Sponsorship letter is a formal letter written to potential sponsors to offer the sponsorship of a particular event, cause or action. It is written to an individual or organization, NGO, nonprofit societies, educational institutes, social welfare societies, youth sports teams and others similar figures offering sponsorship. Such letters serve as formal request of funding a particular motif.

A perfectly worded letter of sponsorship request usually ends with a positive response. It covers all the relevant information regarding the purpose of sponsorship including a brief detail of the institution requesting for it with the event, action or cause in subject. You may get countless samples and templates of such letter over the internet but it is always better to draft a customized letter according to your purpose.

Here we have presented some easy writing tips to make your sponsorship letter effective.

  • Make an outline off all the relevant points that you want to include in it. It will ensure you to include all the important facts in an organized manner without a mess.
  • Compose it on your official letterhead. Usage of letterhead makes your correspondence more authentic.
  • Make a short, succinct, factual and significant note. A long and lengthy letter full of unnecessary facts harms the real message as the important facts usually get overshadowed by the irrelevant information.
  • Write it with simple and easily understandable language. Usage of literary phrases, complex sentences or legal jargons usually creates ambiguity in the letter.
  • Keep the tone of the letter sincere and professional. Though you are writing a request letter, never imply pleading or begging tone to convince the recipient. Do not get to personal to convince him as the intimate tone may backfire.
  • Write your name, title, organization, address and contact details on the top. Skip two lines and enter the same details of the recipient.
  • Enter the current date. Do not abbreviate the date. Always enter the date in its full form as date matters a lot in business correspondence.
  • Create a short and snappy subject line to deliver the gist of the letter in a first glance.
  • Start it with a proper salutation. Write a formal salutation according to the recipient.
  • Open your letter with a formal and pleasant tone. State the purpose of your writing in the opening lines. Provide a brief introduction of your organization, the cause or event in subject and the requirement of sponsorship. Do not try to provide all the details in the first paragraph.
  • Middle paragraph is the best place to expand your important facts. Provide a brief detail about the cause, event or the action for which you are writing this appeal letter of funding.
  • If there are some crucial facts or you have more than two important points, make a list of all the points to avoid confusion. For instance if you are writing this to an embassy for immigration request, mention all the key points in tabular form to represent it with clarity.
  • Provide your contact information and request the recipient to contact you for further discussion.
  • If you have attached any document related with your institution or sponsorship request, mention that in the end of the letter under an enclosure notation.
  • Conclude your writing with a thank you note. A sincere gesture of gratitude is much required as you are writing a request letter.
  • Write a proper complimentary closure notation in the end. Enter a formal valediction complimenting the opening salutation.
  • Proofread it carefully to make a polished and professional letter to accomplish the preferred results.

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