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Tips for Writing a Sorry Letter

Sorry letter serves as a tranquilizer for the person who has been hurt. It is written by the person who has done something wrong and has realized it latter. A hand written letter of apology filled with your true emotions helps you to rebuild your broken relationship. It provides you an opportunity to express your apology without any interruption. It is the best way to covey that you not only realize your mistakes but also are very ashamed of it.

If you have said harsh words or done something wrong to your friends, family members, spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend etc. this letter will positively help you rekindle the old flame of affection. You may also write it to your colleague, business associate, client/customer, and so on. Such letter will portray you as a strong personality and at the same time mend broken relationships.

Hence, we have come up with the best tips on how to write a sorry letter to make your attempt effective.

  • Express all your thoughts in respectable manner. Use simple and easily understandable language. Letter written in effortless manner will help you to convey your thoughts effectively.
  • Make a short, succinct and to the point letter.
  • Compose it on your business letterhead if it is addressed to someone from your workplace. If you are writing this to some of your closed ones, choose a pastel colored paper to set the entire notion of the letter.
  • Make an outline of all the important points that you want to include in your letter. Recall the situation or the exact matter and mention all your mistakes without any ambiguity.
  • Spell out what exactly you have done. Mention the definite situation, words or action for which you are sorry. This will make the recipient feel your seriousness about the issue. Be specific while acknowledging your mistake.
  • If it is something very offensive or you are legally charged for your mistake for instance you have caught for shoplifting or parked your vehicle in no parking zone, keep your tone very serious.
  • Avoid putting blame on other’s shoulders. Take the whole responsibility on yourself as you are writing a note of apology. The entire purpose of your writing is that “you are sorry”.
  • Write some lines to express that you are really ashamed on what you have done and you are admitting your mistakes. Do not provide countless reasons or background behind your wrong actions, this will backfire your letter. If you include excuses or reasons, it will show that you are justifying your deeds. It is always better to accept your mistakes directly.
  • Assure him that you will not repeat your mistakes at any cost. Request him to forgive you and provide you another chance to prove your love and care for him.
  • Write it in a way to make the recipient understand that you are really sorry for all your wrong words or actions. Do not make him feel that you are writing with a notion that this letter is enough to fix all the issues.
  • Request the recipient to find some time out of his busy schedule as you want to meet him. Try to convince him to meet you at least once. Dedicate two or three lines to fix up a meeting when you can apologize for your faults in person.

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