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How to Write a Sorry Letter

Sorry letter is the most emotional and sincere way to convey your apologies to anyone that has been hurt. You may write it to your mom, teacher, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, best friend, colleague, boss or anyone. Human beings are meant to commit mistakes and hence obligated to say sorry. However, there is no set way to apologize, but a sorry letter always come handy. A properly worded letter can convey all your true regards to the concerned person without any interruption.

A sincere letter of sorry definitely makes your bond of relationship stronger. Though you can say sorry to someone verbally but it would not be easy for the concerned person to believe you. A hand written letter full of your true feelings helps a great deal. It might sound too old fashioned but it always does the trick in the long run.

Below we have come up with some of the most effective writing tips used while writing a sorry letter:

  • Make an outline before the final draft. Write down all the important points that you feel important to be included. This list of important facts will help you make a perfect letter to convey your apologies.
  • Make a balanced letter. Do not make an over-dramatic apology as it will put question on your authenticity.
  • Compose it on a pastel colored writing sheet. The color and texture of letter also play a significant role in express. A bright colored glossy sheet will instantly blow the head of the recipient. Always choose a perfect shade to set the atmosphere of the letter.
  • There is no set pattern of writing such letter. You can write it according to your requirement. If you are addressing someone with whom you share a formal relationship, you are required to deal it with professionally. On other hand if it is for someone who is close to you, you are free to pour out whatever is running in your heart and mind.
  • Express the sorry in the opening lines. Break your letter with an emotional and sincere sorry note. This will calm down the recipient if he would be upset or angry with you. Make the first line heartfelt to set the entire notion of the letter.
  • Apologize succinctly in the opening paragraph to convince the recipient otherwise there are high chances of ignorance of your letter.
  • Do not just include the list of your mistakes. Write down how much you repent after committing all those.
  • Mention what exactly you have done wrong rather writing literary phrases and irrelevant stories. Describe the exact action about which you are feeling sorry. Include all your wrong words and deeds in simple language to admit explicitly, what you did or said that was erroneous.
  • Do not try to present the reason behind your wrong behavior, it will sound like you are justifying yourself. Take the responsibility of your mistakes clearly without any excuses. If you will try to provide reasons to present you less guilty, that will work against you and your letter may backfire.
  • Write some lines to insure the recipient that you are really sorry and you will not repeat the mistakes. Write some convincing lines to make him believe that you are really very sorry and you will never repeat it.
  • Repeat your apologies as much time as you feel like as the whole letter is dedicated just to say sorry.
  • Request the recipient to forget your mistakes and forgive. Express that you are in pain dues to your own actions and only the forgiveness will relieve you from this.
  • Express your true feelings and make the recipient feel that you are genuinely sorry in the last lines.

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