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Tips for Writing a Letter of Dispute

Sample Letter of dispute is a formal way to notify the credit card company or the other financial institutions about the inaccurate charges. It contains all the relevant information regarding the dispute. It provides you a platform to explain the points why the associated charge is defective. It also gives you a chance to propose the remedy of the problem.

Writing such letter seems a daunting job and usually u get confuse on how to write it. There is a simple rule, just make a clear and concise presentation of your dispute. Provide a list of your points of disagreement with some documentary proofs.

Follow these quick writing tips to make your letter effective and successful.

  • Compose it under the guidelines of standard business letter writing format.
  • Write a short and simple letter. There is no need of complex sentence or legal jargons.
  • Select serious and firm words to express your grounds of objection.
  • The tone of the letter should be sincere and serious. Do not use pleading or intimidating tone. The correct tone of letter makes a great difference.
  • It should be clear and detailed with a factual subject line.
  • Always use your official letterhead as this is a highly formal letter. If you do not have one, start your letter with your name, address and contact number followed by the same details of the recipient.
  • If there is more than two points of objection, make the list of the points on which you are disagreed.
  • If you are writing for a dispute charges, mention all information that you have on the charges clearly. List all of them in detail including the account numbers.
  • Mention the specific inaccurate or questionable points related with a certain account in the middle paragraph.
  • Clearly request them to scrutinize your matter immediately and remove the charges. Provide a time frame. This will help you in fast settlement.
  • Give some suggestions regarding the steps you want to be taken in terms to resolve the issue.
  • Provide your contact details and ask them to send you the copy of the statement after correction.
  • Make two copies of your correspondence.  Keep one copy of each enclosed document along with your letter for further reference.
  • Put your signature and send it.

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