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Congratulation Letter for Graduation

Congratulation letter for graduation is written on the eve of completing the graduation. Graduation is one of the greatest milestones in the lives of students who spend years to reach this final point. It is an occasion that deserves celebration. If you are the friend or family member of a graduate, then proper etiquette demands that you congratulate them for their years of effort. Graduation congratulations letter is one of the most common types written around the world. This is because graduations occur multiple times over the course of a year.

Congratulation letter for graduation carries happy note to inspire one for his/her graduation. To make your letter perfect, read the sample provided below.

Congratulation Letter for Graduation Sample


Pamela R. Smithson

3300 Crestview Terrace

Stonewall, TX 78671

8th Aug’14


Brenda T. Brown

510 Fairfield Road

Milwaukee, WI 53202

Dear Brenda,


I was glad to hear about your successful completion of law studies. Time really flies. Thank you for making me a part of your celebration. I shall certainly be there to celebrate this wonderful occasion with you. I look forward to hear all about your struggles and challenges that you faced during your studies. It would be such a good testimony to inspire your young siblings.

I will surely be there to extend my congratulations to you in person during your graduation party. See you soon.

Your friend


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