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Scholarship Congratulation Letter

A scholarship congratulation letter is addressed to a student who has got a scholarship and avail all the facilities of the scholarship. This letter is written by higher authorities to inform a deserving candidate that he/she has passed the scholarship exam. It also states the advantages of scholarship in a student’s life. As this letter is written to a student, his/her name, address and identification should be clearly mentioned for future reference purpose.

A scholarship congratulation letter is written to give congratulation on the account of getting a scholarship. Here a sample is provided as to assist you.

Sample Scholarship Congratulation Letter


Ms. Jennifer S. Robbins

1545 Hood Avenue

San Diego, CA 92123

9th Aug’14

Subject: Scholarship Congratulation Letter

Dear Ms. Jennifer,

We are pleased to inform you that you have successfully cleared the scholarship exam conducted by Greet Marketing and Selling Pvt. Ltd. As you have cleared the examination, you avail certain facilities under this scholarship.    We will take up the responsibility of your higher studies. Apart from this all your books and related material will be sponsored by our company. Your tuition fee will be given directly to the respective source and a monthly stipend of rupees five thousand will be given to you every month. We require all your related certificates and documents for submission purpose, so contact us as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Harlan S. Diaz

General Manager-Greet Marketing and Selling Pvt. Ltd

4199 Weekly Street

San Antonio, TX 78222

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