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New Job Congratulations Letter

Congratulation letter for new job is written to praise a person for getting a job. This letter is a great gesture to maintain a personal as well as a professional relationship. Through this letter, one can talk about the qualities that contributed in achieving his/her goals in life. This letter is written by family members, friends, co-workers to express their affection and appreciation of hard work made by the person.

Congratulation letter for new job deals with giving a note of thanks to the person who got a job. You can use the sample to draft your ideas.

Sample of Congratulation Letter for New Job

7th Aug’14


Mrs. Audrey Smith

24 Burnage lane

M45 5TF


Mr. David Smith

2 Fellview Drive


CA21 2WS

SUB:   Congratulation letter for new job

Dear David,

I cordially congratulate you on your success. I am glad to hear about your new job in Mumbai. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to work with the largest sales marketing company.

In today’s world, it is very difficult to get a new job. I appreciate your resourcefulness you showed in job search. With your background in computers and your artistic talent, you will make a fine contribution to the department of graphics. Best wishes for your success.



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