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Tips for Writing a Retirement Congratulation Letter

Writing a retirement congratulation letter is not an easy task. Following are the points that a writer must keep in mind while writing the letter.

  • Use high quality stationery to write this letter because a normal plain paper will seem thoughtless. Presentation of the letter should be made good.
  • Choose words carefully as the person retiring is probably elderly and improper worded letter seems insensitive.
  • Keep the letter short and to the point and do not skip the appreciation of the concerned person. One should be natural and honest, while appreciating the person.
  • The Subject of the letter should clearly state the purpose of the letter.
  • Be sincere while writing the letter. In case, you are familiar with the person, use appreciative sentence to acknowledge his/her contributions.
  • Close the letter with one sentence that says congratulations in some way.

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