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10 Tips on Writing a Project Cancellation Letter

Here we have provided you some tips to follow while writing project cancellation letter.

  • Compose your letter on your official letterhead to give it a more professional touch.
  • Enter the name, title, organization and the address of the recipient.
  • Enter the current date followed by a short and meaningful one lined subject line. A crisp and factual subject line delivers the gist of the letter in a first look.
  • Start your letter with a formal salutation.
  • Include all the relevant information that supports your decision to cancel the project clearly, concisely, and factually. Write your cancellation letter with a professional tone. Keep your letter short and direct.
  • Clearly state that you have cancelled the project with the name of the project in the initial line of your letter. Include the time and date for which the project was scheduled.
  • Follow this notice with a note of apology for cancelling the project any inconvenience that may caused due to this cancellation.
  • Express that you are very sorry for the cancellation and explain the reason in a polite and firm language. Provide a genuine reason with a “could not be helped” notion. Do not write a long and emotional story in your project cancellation letter as this is a highly professional communication.
  • In the last paragraph of your project cancellation letter express your gratitude toward the recipient for the support and the hope to reschedule the project in near future.
  • Proofread and edit your letter to make it flawless. Finally sign it at the end.

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