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Tips for Writing a Cancellation Notice Letter

Here are some tips to help you how to draft your own notice cancellation letter.

  • If you are composing your letter on the official letterhead there is no requirement of the return address and if not, write your name, address and optionally, phone number.
  • After the return address mention the recipient details such as the name and address of the person/ company to whom you are sending the letter.
  • Enter the current date.
  • Write a concise and meaningful subject line to deliver the whole purpose of your letter writing in one sentence.
  • Keep you notice cancellation letter short and concise. Start with a proper formal salutation.
  • In the opening line mention your purpose of letter writing clearly. Then in the next paragraph proceed to the main item, which is the notice cancellation. Firmly state your reasons for cancelling and end with a positive note.
  • Write your name and address at the top of the contract cancellation letter. The service provider or business may have many clients and it is important that your clearly identify those.
  • The complimentary closure depends on the tone and degree of formality. For instance, you can use respectfully yours (very formal), sincerely (typical, less formal), truly yours (polite, neutral), cordially yours (friendly, informal).
  • In case you have enclosed some document regarding the notice, mention “Enclosure”.

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