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Tips for Writing Effective Vendor Cancellation Letter

We have provided some useful tips to how to write a vendor cancellation letter.

  • Compose your cancellation letter on the standard business format. Include details like return address, person/ business being addressed, date, subject line, reference number/ account number, summary of the facts, settlement of account and your signature.
  • Make sure to include the basic information that supports your decision of cancellation.
  • Mention all the pertinent facts clearly, concisely, and factually. Try to keep your tone professional, short, and direct.
  • If there is any refund/repayment involved do not forget to add details like how your account will be settled if there is an outstanding balance owing on the account.
  • Request the vendor for a written acceptance of the cancellation. This is because communication can be called complete only when the opposite party responds with a confirmation or acceptance in some form.
  • Even if it is a cancellation letter, it is basic professional courtesy to end your letter with a thank you note.
  • Mention your contact details for further communication on the matter.
  • Study your letter to rectify mistakes and error if there is any and put your sign at the end.

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