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Vendor Cancellation Letter

If you have entered into a contractual agreement with a vendor/dealer and find that the arrangement is no longer useful to your needs, you are required to notify the other party formally of your intention to terminate the agreement by sending a vendor cancellation letter. It is a professional way to handle a contract termination. It has dual benefits. It makes the communication more formal and on the other hand it helps you maintain a record of the communication between you and the concerned party.

You may write such letters to cancel a contract with any of your service provider. Cancellation letters can serve as evidence in the occurrence of a billing dispute. There may a variety of reasons to cancel a vendor contract. The only thing which is important is how to handle it appropriately.

Vendor Cancellation Letter Sample


Mr. David Green

23 Dwell Apartments

39 Morris Lane

Vinton 547880


Mr. Shacks Black

General Manager

Yellow Wood Suppliers

2 Credent Lane

Vinton 255845

Date: 28 May, 2014

Subject: Vendor Cancellation Letter

Dear Mr. Black,

This letter is to formally notify you about the cancellation of the annual contract of house hold supplies. I have been a loyal customer of Yellow Wood Suppliers since 2012. This cancellation will serve its purpose effective today.

I would like to inform you about the reason of this cancellation. The supply of toiletry products is not timely and the quality of bakery product is too poor to consume. I and my family are very much disappointed with your last few months’ services. We have also filed a complaint to your customer care executive in the month of January but the supply of the February that I received yesterday is poor like before.

I have failed to notice any improvement in your supplies, hence I am cancelling the contract with Yellow Wood Suppliers with immediate effect. Thank you for the earlier nice supplies. I have enclosed a vendor cancellation acceptance letter too. Please send it back with your signature as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

David Green

Given Below are a few Cancellation letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Cancellation Letter of Services
Cancellation letter of services is usually written to officially inform a service provider company regarding the cancellation of a certain service.

Project Cancellation Letter Example
Project cancellation letter is generally written to inform the concern individual/organization about the cancellation of a particular project.

Sample Timeshare Cancellation Letter
A formal letter to cancel the existing timeshare or the request of timeshare is the best way to inform the concern persons about the same.

Cancellation Notice Letter
Notice cancellation letter is a formal written communication to inform the concern person/ organization about the cancellation notice of a particular service.

Meeting Cancellation Letter Format
Meeting cancellation letter is an officially written letter to cancel a p rescheduled meeting. Such letters are the most effective means for spreading the word that the conference/ meeting have been cancelled due to some irreversible reason.

Gym Membership Cancellation Letter
Gym cancellation letter is typically written by a member to the gym manager/establishment to inform that you want to cancel the membership.

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