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6 Tips for Writing a Credit Card Cancellation Letter

we have mentioned some useful tips regarding writing credit card cancellation letter.

  • Start with your name, address and telephone number. After that the name of the credit card company and its address.
  • Make a short and meaningful subject line that deliver the clear purpose of your letter writing. Mention the credit card number that you want to cancel in the subject line itself.
  • Clearly state your purpose in the opening line of your letter. Mention your credit card number and the date you want to make your cancellation effective. In case you want to cancel the service immediately, state firmly state that you wish to cancel your account with immediate effect.
  • In the last paragraph request the company for a written confirmation that the account is closed at your request.
  • Firmly initiate the company to close your account immediately to avoid any further charges. Request them to send you a final bill for the remaining balance, if there is any.
  • Read your credit card cancellation letter carefully before signing it.

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