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How to Write a Certification Letter

Certification letters are usually written to verify something officially. This letter can be of great use in situations where third party verification is required. For instance, if you are a student you may require a letter of certification to officially certify your school/ college/ university enrollment, scholarships, student loan, visa, insurance discounts or just to demonstrate your academic career. And if you are a working person applying to some job, you may be asked for a certification from your potential employer. If you are an employer you may be require to certify your current and former employs for a number of purposes.

Certification letters are also presented to a student after the completion of a certain course, or to an employee indicating that he/ she has performed a commendable task and so on. It can be issued only by certain authorities and hence, they hold a great value. Study the below given points to get a fair idea to clear your confusion about how to write a perfect certification letter.

Tips on how to Write a Certification Letter

  • Certification letters are simply letters of confirmation hence it should be composed on the official letterhead and formatted under the guidelines of the standard business letter format.
  • It should be addressed directly to the concern person with a polite and firm tone. Avoid legal jargon, flowery and complex sentence formation.
  • This also serves as an official record so write the important information explicitly in a simple language.
  • It should cover all the relevant information in concise and precise manner. Try to be as specific as possible.
  • Because this type of letter may be used as an official record, it is important that the information is explicit and the language clear.
  • While writing a certificate letter for an employee provide specific information such as the dates of when employment began and when it ended.
  • Give detail about the specific job duties/ responsibilities and the current or last designation.
  • You can add some sentences about the positive attributes of the employee.
  • Do not forget to include contact information, so the recipient of the certification can contact you with any questions.
  • Put the signature of the authorized person.

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